AETE Student Travel Grant


Stimulate your students to attend and present at our next annual meeting in Dublin!

The board of the AETE recognizes that presenting research at conferences is a vital aspect of a student’s professional, educational and research development. Furthermore, student involvement in our conferences is fundamental to further develop our research community.
To widen access to the Annual Meeting, AETE is delighted to announce the 
STUDENT TRAVEL GRANT. This grant will make a partial financial contribution to student presenters attending our annual international conference, subject to availability of funds. 

For 2020 we foresee the availability of maximum 6 travel grants!

If awarded, the student will receive the bursary after the conference using electronic money transfer. In order to maximize the number of granted awards, the precise value of the awards will depend on the estimated expenses and demonstrated/perceived needs of the recipients, up to a maximum of 250€ per awardee. The award can be used to cover costs associated with the travel, the hotel and the registration for our AETE conference. 

Are  you a student willing to present at our AETE conference in Dublin?

Head to our "Students" page for more details


Read the eligibility criteria and the strict submission requirements in detail as you only have one chance to apply. Deadline for application is May 1st, 2020. Do not forget that you need to submit a research abstract as a first author before you can apply.

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