Board of Govenors


Marja Mikkola, Norway

Sperm Vital AS

Hamar, Norway


About Marja:

Marja is R&D manager at Spermvital AS. Before focusing in bull fertility and semen preservation she has worked on the female fertility for ET industry. During her free time she enjoys nature and hiking, especially in the northernmost part of her home country Finland.

Vice President and student affairs

Hilde Aardema, The Netherlands
Utrecht University
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
The Netherlands


About Hilde:

Hilde is a veterinarian and specialist in reproduction (ECAR diplomate). She heads the reproduction facility of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. Her research focus is on the impact of the maternal (metabolic) environment on oocytes and embryos including the potential effects of microplastics on reproduction.


Jan Detterer, Germany
Besamungs- und ET-Station Georgsheil


About Jan:

Jan is a specialist for reproductive medicine and chief veterinarian of the AI and ET centre of VOST Georgsheil.  His main practical focus is on ET work in the field.  Outside work he loves natures garden (the countryside), his pets and sports.


Teresa Mogas, Spain
Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University Autonomous of Barcelona


About Teresa:

Teresa is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine in the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her research focuses fundamentally on the area of animal reproductive biotechnology, specifically on the improvement of the vitrification/warming protocols for oocytes and in vitro produced embryos. 


Christine Wrenzycki, Germany

Department for Molecular Reproductive Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Justus-Lieberg-University Giessen




About Christine:

Christine is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine and Biotechnology at the Justus-University-Giessen, with a specific interest in assisted reproductive technologies in cattle.  She will take over as AETE Secretary from 2023. Outside work, Christine likes to ride carriages and train her Border Terrier, Winston.

Newsletter and communications

Roger Sturmey, U.K.
Hull York Medical School 
University of Hull


About Roger:

Roger is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the Hull York Medical School and a Professorial Fellow at the University of Manchester, with a specific interest in embryo biochemistry.  Outside work, he enjoys walking his Labrador, coaches children’s football, is an Assistant Scout Leader, an avid runner and SCUBA instructor.

Representative of ET industry & French foundation

Pascal Salvetti, France

Innovation, Research Development and Transfer Dept






About Pascal:

Pascal manages Eliance's bovine experimental facilities in Nouzilly, where he is dedicated to the optimization of embryo technologies for safe and efficient French and Belgian breeding programme. As well as serving as representative to the ET Industry and French Foundation, Pascal will be the next Treasurer of the AETE.  Outside of work, Pascal enjoys spending time with his tow sons through involvement in parents and sports associations and by exploring other cultures.

Annual Statistics and AETE:IETS HASAC Contact

Helene Quinton, France

Evolution Department of Embryo Production

35538 Noyal-sur-Vilaine Cedex,





About Helene:

Helene is the veterinarian responsible for embryo production at EVOLUTION for the co-operative INNOVAL. As well as collating ET Statistics on behalf of the AETE, Helene is also the contact for the IETS HASAC committee.  Outside of work, Helene enjoys long walks with her dogs and friends, visiting heritage houses and gardens, cinema, fine food and gardening.

Scientific committee

Jane Morrell, Sweden

Department of Clinical Sciences

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Uppsala, Sweden



About Jane:

To follow...

ET Practitioner Affairs

James Quinn, Ireland




About James:

To follow