AETE Pre-conference workshop

Wednesday September 4 from 08:00 till 18:30



Place : State Agricultural Technical Institute Giuseppe Pastori

             Viale della Bornata, 110, 25100 Brescia


Maximum number of participants: 60


Costs per participant €85 (includes retour bus trip)



Morning in room:

- Management of young animals: from calves to heifers to have the best performance (Alex Bach)

- Developmental programming in ruminants: is fertility established in utero? (Fransesca Mossa)

- Evaluation of oocytes and IVF embryos (Daniela Demetrio)


Afternoon in the barn:

- OPU in buffaloes (Bianca Gasparrini)

- Oocytes' collection by OPU on 3 donors (Pierluigi Guarneri, Daniel Martinez & Rob Simmons)

- Real time evaluation of the oocytes recovered (Daniela Demetrio) 


We will meet at 08:00 in Brescia and take the bus to the State Agricultural Technical Institute where we will start at 8:30 with the morning session. The morning session consists of three lectures. After lunch, the afternoon session starts with a lecture and is followed by two practical sessions. The workshop ends at 18:00 and we will be back in Brescia at 18:30.



 Register for the pre-conference workshop in combination with the AETE Annual Meeting 2024 here