CRV AETE Pre-conference workshop

Wednesday September 14 from 10:00 till 15:00


Title: How to run a routine embryo production facility; practical aspects.


Place : CRV Dairy Breeding Centre in Wirdum

Maximum number of participants: 30


Costs per participant €50 (includes retour bus trip Utrecht - Wirdum)


The workshop will expose you the workflows of the routine embryo production processes at CRV. Aspects that will be addressed are: How to check the recipients based on the ovary status, which follicles to punction during OPU, how to select the best embryos for biopsy and how to vitrify these biopsied embryos. Aspects will be demonstrated and hands-on activities are organized.

In the morning there will be explanation of the work flow of the IVP process and logistical aspects, plus a tour around the building with views in the lab and the barns with the donor cows. After the lunch there will be 2 parallel hands-on sessions.

Group 1 Animal session: Hands-on activities on recipient selection using slaughterhouse ovaries and follicle selection during the OPU (movies of OPU screens)

Group 2 Lab session: Hands on activities on IVP embryo biopsy and vitrification of these biopsied IVP embryos.

Each group can have  ~15 people.


Please contact Erik Mullaart of CRV in the case of specific questions about this workshop.