ALLICE is a cooperative union which gathers French and Walloon ruminant breeding and artificial insemination (AI) companies. ALLICE carries out R&D projects to help improving breeding programs and services, with the aim to increase livestock breeding sustainability and meet society's growing expectations in terms of product quality, farmers' quality of life, respect for the environment and animal welfare.  Our R&D team has a well-recognized expertise in genomics, metabolomics, reproductive physiology, reproductive biotechnologies as well as semen quality assessment. ALLICE has taken part to many collaborative research projects in genomics and reproduction physiology, funded either by the French Research Agency or Europe (e.g. KBBE projects FECUND and PROLIFIC, H2020 GenTORE, GLOMICAVE and RUMIGEN). Our goal is to develop innovations to help our members adapt and improve their breeding programs and services.



The successful applicant will be located at our cattle experimental station and will work within a small research team, including the facility manager, a technician in charge of lab reproductive biotechnologies (IVF, micromanipulations) and one animal keeper. The candidate will be involved in the implementation of four main research programs focused on embryo technologies: validation of IVP embryo quality biomarkers, validation of novel IVP media by embryo transfer, assessment of biotechnologies safety (impact of Genome Editing and IVP on genome stability and frequency of de novo mutations) and evaluation of reproductive technologies impact on animal welfare.


Daily activities will include the implementation of experimental protocols on heifers according to ethics and current legislation:

o   Examination and collection of biological samples according to approval sanitary procedures for Entry-Exit of experimental animals.

o   Supervision, planning and realization of several technical tasks such as collection of oocytes by OPU, artificial insemination, embryos’ recovery and cryopreservation, in vivo and in vitro embryo transfer, ultrasound examination...

o   Animal daily management (feeding, litter mulching) & preparation (hormonal treatments) in close relationship with the animal keeper.

o   Other measurement & samples collection (mainly blood) on animals.

o   Data analysis and summary, including simple statistics.


The position and detailed missions will be specified in accordance with the candidate experience and autonomy, from a technical position focused on experimental protocols (technician/engineer) to a scientific position including additional activities linked to project management, data analysis & new hypothesis formulation and testing (post-doc fixed term position).

Qualifications & skills

The successful applicant must demonstrate skills in cattle reproductive biotechnologies. A first practical experience in oocytes pick-up under ultrasound control (OPU) is mandatory for this position. Additional experience in embryo flushing, embryo transfer, AI and handling of gametes/embryos is considered as an asset.

Training course in animal experimentation and ethics would be a plus.

Beside strong technical skills and scientific interest, the applicant should be well-organized, show adaptability, good relational skills and ability to work in a multidisciplinary team.

The candidate must be fluent in English. French would be a plus.


Additional information:


Type of contract: permanent position, starting preferably in October 2021. In case candidates would be interested in a scientific position, a fixed term (18-24 months) post-doc offer can be discussed.


Working place: position based at ALLICE’s experimental facility located in Nouzilly, France.


Remuneration: Appointment rank and salary will be commensurate with the candidate's experience and can be at any rank.


Application & information contact :

Pascal SALVETTI, experimental facility manager, Allice, Station de phénotypage, Le Perroi, 37380 Nouzilly, France. E-mail:



Please send your resume and cover letter before July 25th

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