Announcement · 17. December 2019
We are delighted to announce that the 2020 recipient of the AETE Pioneer Award will be Professor Hilary Dobson.

Announcement · 16. December 2019
We are pleased to announce Dr Adam Watkins, from The University of Nottingham as our fourth invited speaker at AETE 2020.

Announcement · 13. December 2019
AETE is pleased to advise you that colleagues will be holding the AET-d (Working group embryo transfer in German speaking countries) will be 18th and 19th of June 2020 in the Clinic for Veterinary Obstetrics, Gynecology and Andrology of Large and Small of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany. For more details see:
Announcement · 13. December 2019
We are thrilled to announce that Dr Inmaculada Parrilla Riera from Murcia, Spain, will speak at the AETE in 2020

Announcement · 09. December 2019
It gives us great pleasure to confirm that Dr Albert De Vries from Florida, USA, will be speaking at AETE 2020 in Dublin.

Announcement · 27. November 2019
The 57th annual meeting of the Society for Cryobiology will be held in Chicago, USA from July 21-24 2020. Call for abstracts - deadline Feb 25 2020.

Announcement · 11. November 2019
The AETE would like to let its members know about an event at the University of Antwerp on Feb 5, 2020. The title of the event is Feeding for Optimal Dairy Cow Fertility: Yes we can!
Announcement · 20. September 2019
Welcome to our first AETE Blog. We hope to use this tool to make announcements, share important news and tell you all about what we are up to. We hope that you will enjoy and visit regularly - RS